Can the Macedonians ensure the Nations Cup Trophy remains on home soil?

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The Macedonian team is eager to impress on home soil, after battling hard through the qualifiers last year they have their sights set on the World Cup!

A strong and experienced team of men and women, having recently concluded the first season of the national Match Poker league, the host national team cannot wait to show off their skills at the biggest stage of all. They did seal their spot through the qualifiers last year but since becoming the host for this event they receive automatic qualification. A great honour for the country and it will certainly put them on the global Match Poker map!

Read all about the Macedonian National Team here:

Name: Elena Bojkova

Age: 37

Bio: Mother of a 12 year old girl, has been playing poker for 14 years. Won the Macedonian national league with Vardar Sharks. She makes her debut with the Macedonian national team at the Match Poker World Cup! Working as Administration and Office Manager for IT company Intelligent network solutions.

Name: Katarina Tasevski

Age: 38

Bio: Female player of the year 2020 and a mother of 2 daughters. Playing poker for the last 16 years, at the beginning with friends, usually on Saturdays. Works as business development for German company HR services. Very excited to be in the Macedonian national team selection and has the full support of her husband.

Name: Sofija Dzadzeva Aksakal

Age: 40

Bio: Happily married in Alanya, Turkey. Finished university “History of art with archeology”, also a film producer and piano player. She fell in love with the game of poker 15 years ago. At the beginning only for fun, but later on professionally at some stage too. She was twice crowned as the best female player of the year in Macedonia. Very proud to be wearing the Macedonian jersey. Her husband was also one of the best Turkish chess and bridge players, so have great understanding and support for Sofia’s passion!

Name: Petar Filipov

Age: 45

Bio: Professional poker and backgammon player for almost 20 years. Won the Macedonian Match Poker Championship with the Vardar Sharks. Very experienced player. Won many local and regional poker tournaments. Mainly a cash game player.

Name: Toni Zengovski

Age: 38

Bio: Arguably Toni is one of the best Macedonian players. Poker pro for several years, twice player of the year (2019 & 2020) and winner of many tournaments. Currently second placed in Macedonian poker rankings. He will make his debut for Macedonian Match Poker selection on home soil and expected to be great boost for the national team.

Name: Metodi Aleksov

Age: 47

Bio: Captain of Match Poker team Bregalnica Lions in the Macedonian National League, they just missed out on the title and finished in second place behind champions Vardar Sharks. Working full time at national broadcaster AlfaTV as program manager. He has been playing poker since 2010, mainly online.

Name: Andreja Andreevski

Age: 44

Bio: Director of technique at KANAL 5 TV and is a key player of the national Match Poker team. Playing poker for 15 years and in love with the game. Most capped player of last qualifications. His speciality is Match Poker. Captain of the national league champions “Vardar Sharks” and the best player of the Macedonian Match Poker League.

Name: Tomas Spaseski

Age: 55

Bio: He is the captain of the national team, businessman, once player of the year and the most inspiring player of the team. Tomas was MVP of the last qualifications and the locomotive of the Macedonian Match Poker squad.

Name: Aleksandar Zuberovski

Age: 42

Bio: Poker pro very well known in the online poker world as Re8uz. Twice Macedonian player of the year. Many final tables and winner of a couple of SCOOP tournaments. Expert in pattern recognition and long-term investments.

Name: Aleksandar Trajkovski

Age: 42

Bio: A poker pro for the last 10 years and 3 times Macedonian player of the year. At the moment he ranks No.1 in Macedonia. Last December played the final table at WSOP Europe. The only one left from the team which played IFMP European Qualification in Vienna in 2012. Looking forward to the World Cup!