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Federación Costarricense de Poker

Federación Costarricense de Poker is an association of the second degree.

It consists of the following founding associations:

  1. Poker Sport Association- Poker Hispanic
  2. Poker Sport Association- Full House.
  3. Poker Sport Association- Orion Poker Team

The National Federation was created by a group of Costa Rican poker players and soccer organizations.
The main goal of the Federation is to get recognition for poker as a mind sport.

FECOPO’s vice president Humberto “Shark” Brenes, has been a poker ambassador for Latin America for the last 20 years.
We are working with local organizations to establish a permanent league. In the past, we have organized the Costa Rican Poker Cup.
Expectation is to join IFP in the efforts of creating an international network of poker leagues.

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