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Asociación Poker de Venezuela

Founded in 2005 by Mauro Caballero, the Asociación Poker de Venezuela was created on the initiative of a group of people linked to the practice of poker in the city of Caracas. Due to concerns these people realized the need for a meeting in order to form the Asociación Poker de Venezuela.

Once the squad proceeded to present the constitution of the Asociación Poker de Venezuela and whose Constitutive Act transcribe verbatim: “The Association is called Asociación Poker de Venezuela and works as a civil association non-profit and has legal personality and ample capacity to perform the acts necessary or conducive to the fulfilment of its purposes. 

The Asociación Poker de Venezuela is domiciled in Caracas – Venezuela but may establish branches or agencies anywhere in the country or abroad when deemed appropriate. 

The main object of the Asociación Poker de Venezuela is to encourage, promote and disseminate among its members, poker as a sport science or unconventional for the sake of aggrandizement and improvement, all within observing the highest standards of safety and in a pleasant, family and according to morality, for all acts of civil, commercial, labor, economic, social or sports that directly or indirectly may be necessary for such purposes, always framed within the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Laws. 

The Asociación Poker de Venezuela will: Develop and manage sporting events related to it in all its forms and specialties, representing all its members to defend their rights and interests in the Partnership, subscribe to International Organizations, monitor, endorse and directing all events they are part its affiliates, maintain contact with other associations or similar companies in Venezuela and abroad. Write and update regulations strict adherence to all members includes meet the provisions for the implementation and management skills of Poker, the behavior and conduct of members of the Association in and out of the activities of the same and anyone who tend to regulate that relate between the Association, its members and all those clubs and/or teams that are affiliated to it. It also agreed to give legal status to formalize this partnership and the corresponding register.

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