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Mongolian Free Poker Federation

The Mongolian Free Poker Federation (MFPF) is the official organization operating in Mongolia. The MPPF became a full member of IFMP on March 23, 2021 after an unanimous board vote.

The Mongolian Free Poker Federation was established on November 11, 2009 by L. Unurbayar, the president of the federation. It was established in Mongolia with the priority to develop poker as an intellectual sport.

In December 2009, the first Mongolian open poker tournament was held, and from 2019, the official national championship started to be held.

In the future, we aim to publicise Match Poker in Mongolia, train professional poker players to become athletes and participate in international competitions.

President of the Federation – L.Unurbayar

Honorary President – U.Enkhbayar

Head coach – J.Battulga

Chief Judge – B.Buyanjargal

Board Members
1. B. Buyanjargal
2. E. Bat-Erdene
3. P. Erkhes
4. KH. Nyamdari
5. L. Baldan
6. D. Lhunrev

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