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Estonian Tournament Poker Federation

The Estonian Tournament Poker Federation was established in March 2010 by five leading Estonian poker clubs. In April 2010 ETPF become the member of International Federation of Poker.

Right now ETPF is representing eleven Estonian poker clubs with more than 200 active tournament poker players. All the best Estonian Poker players are the members of federation.

The clubs represented in ETPF are:

Insomnia Tournament Poker Club

Viljandi Mind Games Club

Pärnu Tournament Poker Club

Ardu T3 Poker Club

Four Kings Poker Club

Nemesis Poker Club

Wismari Tournament Poker Club

Puhja Tournament Poker Club

Tournament Poker Club Black Bulls.

ETPF is organizing Estonian Tournament Poker Championships in live and online versions. In 2019 more than 1000 players were taking part in live championship tournaments.

ETPF is representing the interests of poker players and the clubs in relationships with Estonian authorities, ETPF is taking actively part in legislation processes concerning poker and sports. The federation is promoting poker as a mind and skill sports.

Estonian Tournament Poker Federation is lead by a board, the members of the board are:

Marek Reinaas (President)

Kaidar Viikman

Carmen-Elina Vist

Mariliis Elmik

Leino Piller

Kristi Kirs

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