Member Nations

Swedish Poker Federation

Mission and Purpose of the Swedish Poker Federation:

  • To promote and defend the game of poker in all its variants
  • Develop tools for all players to play poker on their means
  • Be the reference and the intermediary in poker between the authorities, players, poker event organizers and media
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and legislation specific to poker
  • To promote poker as a mind sport and game of skill
  • Promoting the quality and the transmission of data between its members and other parties, among other supporting administratively and legally the event organizers
  • Study, encourage and achieve everything that can contribute to the legal development of the activities of the organizers of poker-related activities

Members of the Executive Body

Ulf Engstrom – Chairman
Daniel Olsson – Treasurer
Micke Torstensson – Secretary
Fredrik Gotesson
Anton Lotgren
Albert Bolander

Other Nations