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Federación Nacional de Poker Deportivo de Chile

FEDERACION NACIONAL DE POKER DEPORTIVO DE CHILE was legally constituted on July 24, 2012, before the notary Marcos Andrés Díaz León, in the city of Valparaiso.


Develop and promote poker as a sporting discipline.

Establish itself as Federation, under the Law 19.712 or “Sports Law”.

Achieve recognition as Sport Mental Ability, by the “National Sports Institute of Chile”, “Chiledeportes”.

Support training of Poker Sports Clubs, under the protection of the Law 19,418 or “ACT neighborhood associations and other community organizations” along the 346 communes of Chile.

  • Presidente: Felipe Morbiducci
  • Vicepresidente: Gustavo Paulsen
  • Tesorero: Jaime Torres
  • Director Of International Affairs: Rodrigo E. Reyes

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