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Great news for poker is received in Colombia, on May 1, 2013, IFMP has accepted the COLOMBIAN ASSOCIATION OF POKER as an active member of this institution.

More than 50 nations have become part of this great global block that practices poker as a sport, countries in 5 continents have joined the movement since its inception in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2009.

The Colombian Association of Poker will be responsible for selecting the players that will represent our country and wear the national colours in different international events organized and supported by IFP.

columbia teamThe Colombian Association of Poker was created on November 15, 2012 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin Colombia on 20 December of the same year, is a non-profit entity controlled by the Government of Antioquia and the Tax and National Customs DIAN , whose purpose is the dissemination, promotion and development of the practice of Poker as a Sport, Mental, Federal and National Representation, enhancing its recreational and cultural values ​​such as generators memory, intelligence and reflection and sporting values ​​as generating healthy competition , ethics and respect for the opponent.

Poker seeks recognition as a profession, trade or occupation as it is a discipline that requires study, preparation, skill and ability to carry it out and get results.

Experiences such as Brazil where the Ministry of Sports has agreed that discipline in sports management plan that motivates us to COLDEPORTES sport’s governing body in Colombia and we hope to belong to the National Sports System in our country.

Thank IFP in deference to accept this prestigious organization in such a short time and we are confident that our country will be a loyal ally to bring all its efforts for the aggrandizement of Poker Deportivo in the world.

As president of the organization is Mr. Carlos Alberto Munera Mojica and Vice President Mr. Luis Fernando Castaño Cardona.

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