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he Barbados Federation of Poker Inc. (BFP)


The Barbados Federation of Poker Inc. (BFP) was established as a non-profit organization in July 2015 thereby becoming the country’s official national Poker Federation. Shortly after this accomplishment on August 2nd 2015 the Barbados Federation of Poker also went on to proudly become the first Caribbean nation to join the International Federation of Poker.

It was founded by Damien Haynes who had a vision of developing and promoting poker as a mind sport in Barbados and the Caribbean. This vision was also shared and brought into fruition through the aide of fellow founding members Nicholas Roach and Tamara Humphrey. The BFP’s mission is to facilitate the education of poker and its variants in Barbados by hosting national tournaments, workshops, seminars, and other developmental activities, while promoting poker as a mind sport.

Current and Upcoming Activities

As the Barbados Federation of Poker undergoes its formative process, it continues to encourage local individuals and poker clubs to submit applications for acceptance to the national federation.

Presently, the BFP is making arrangements to host its very first invitational charity poker tournament in Barbados. This tournament will be positioned to create awareness about the organization, to raise funds for the purchasing of equipment, and also more importantly to contribute to a charitable cause.

Additionally, the BFP is currently making preparations to host a national Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament open to all Barbadian nationals. The top six (6) players which have been assessed through our selection criteria will be invited to represent the country at the upcoming Nations Cup tournament hosted by the IFP, which is scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany 2016.

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