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Polska Federacja Pokera Sportowego


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Establishment of the Polish Federation of Sports Poker is an event of national importance, but I hope that the European level, especially for those who are creating a new kind of sport that is the poker sports. I know that taking cooperation with the Polish sport poker waiting for my road full of challenges and I am aware of the importance of the project and its hardships.


Poker was perceived from the point of view of PRL, as a negative phenomenon (gambling, weak character, lack of acceptance of the environment and their place in it … failure in life). Poker which from the point of view of many people associated with the film characters, yield to the negative space in front of the sport with high analytical skills so now we can say about the start of a new, though not an easy life poker in the situation of freedom and “normality”. This phenomenon usually less concerned with politicians and financiers, and probably more scientists and sociologists. Today, in terms of uniting Europe, the opportunity to work in countries other than the country of birth, it becomes natural, takes an objective dimension – the sharing of professional skills. Polish poker players in Europe take the gauntlet thrown by other athletes and often turn out to be better.

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