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Korea Sports Holdem Association

The Korea Sports Holdem Association (대한민국) KSHA, was established in 2021 to promote and foster Korean poker.

In order to settle into a game culture that can be enjoyed by anyone in Korea as a mind sport.

we will support the development and promotion of amateur players and various tournaments for professional poker players.

We aim to strengthen and develop the competitiveness of Korean poker.

Board Members


Name – Luis Kim

Email – [email protected]

Secretary General:

Name – Chris Cho

Email – [email protected]

Department Manager:

Name – Kyung-Suk Seo

Email – [email protected]

Assistant Manager:

Name – Hye-Bin Lee

Email – [email protected]

Senior Staff:

Name – Hyang-Min Lee

Email – [email protected]

9, Teheran-ro, 10-gri, gangnum-gu, Seoul, Seoul
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