Member Nations

Ukrainian Sport Poker Federation

The purpose of the organization is promotion, satisfaction and protection of legal, social, creative, cultural, leisure interest of the Members of the Organization; popularization of sports poker in Ukraine, running All-Ukrainian competitions of All-Ukrainian and International level.

The organisation of the USPF includes the following bodies/functions:

The Congress – The Congress consists in the assembly of the USPF’s Members.

The Presidium – The Presidium consists of 7 members elected by the Congress for renewable five year terms.

The President – Sergey Efimenko

The Honorary President – Mr. Gary Bowman

The First Vice-President – Artem Khmyz

The Vice-President – Dmitry Karpyuk

The Vice-President – Oleg Udovenko

The Vice-President – Alexander Pogrebnyak

The Vice-President – Valentin Gruzdev

The Vice-President – Andrey Artemovich.

IFMP Nations Cup Titles

2019 Nations Cup in Dublin, Ireland – Match Poker World Champions

2020 Virtual Nations Cup – Match Poker World Champions

Other Nations