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Fédération Française des joueurs de Poker

The French Poker Federation was created in 2007, and was the main sponsor of the France Poker Tour, and other big-field tournaments in France.

Politically active prior the legal opening of the market in France, the federation has been involved in numerous topics and debates about the situation around the game of poker among the different institutions in France.

FFP has recognized around 400 amateur poker clubs on the French soil, and provides regular updates and different sources of help to these for the development of their poker tournaments.The networking in France has its obvious importance, and FFP is in touch with all operators, live, online, medias, institutions…

Previously named Federation of French Poker Players, the core activity of the newly named “FFP”, was always to federate players, and aim at developing the poker in a competitive way, with standardized and secure rules, accessible for the largest majority of the population.

The Federation Française des Joueurs de Poker (French Poker Players Federation) was born in 2004 when few people understood how deep the break between the french regulation and the reality of how people play poker was. At this time, poker was not allowed in casinos, and of course, the french regulation was not ready for gaming on the internet. To change minds about poker, the FFJP organise lots of action to meet french media, politicians and well known people to show them what the reality of this amazing game is.

The growth of poker in France has now ended and is entering into a state of consolidation now. France has around 2 million people playing poker on a regular basis.

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