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Match Poker Canada

Match Poker Canada has been established to:

  • act as the governing body for the sport of Match Poker in Canada
  • to promote the development of Match Poker and other poker variants across Canada
  • to secure recognition for Match Poker as a sport without discrimination in Canada
  • to select a Canadian national Match Poker team for participation in IFMP events

Duane Wysynski, President

Bryce Paradis, VP Administration

Clayton Foster, Secretary General

Guy Armsden, Technical Director

Federation Plans

The First Board of Match Poker Canada had its inaugural planning session on January 17. We agreed to proceed in a very deliberate manner, prioritizing governance and support, and proceeding to the development of a simple membership structure. Our Goals and Objectives are as follows:

Short term (within the first 12 months):

  • Create and submit organization by-laws
  • Adopt critical organizational policies and procedures
  • Develop a basic membership structure
  • Select a national team
  • Test & configure the Match Poker software
  • Host/compete in 2-4 events

Date Established

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