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Taiwan Formosa Poker Sports Association

The Taiwan Formosa Poker Sports Association has quickly become one of IFMP’s most active national federations!

Since joining in May 2018, David Tai has embraced Match Poker within his federation and brought his national team to Dublin for their debut in March 2019. After an incredible experience, David secured recognition from the relevant sports authorities to host the 2019 Asian Nations Cup in Taoyuan City which is his hometown and the place where the first branch of his nationwide CTP clubs opened!

A very proud moment for David and the entire force behind the Taiwan Formosa Poker Sports Association as government authorities approved their bid to host the Asian Match Poker Championships and IFMP decided to proceed with Taiwan as the event venue. November 2019 saw an extremely exciting and impressive Asian Nations Cup take place, with 9 countries participating and the host nation finishing in second place overall! We will surely be hearing a lot more of David and his federation in the near future.

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2023 Asian Nations Cup Champions

Jack Wu is awarded ‘Player of the Tournament’ at the 2023 Asian Nations Cup in Hong Kong

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