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The Austrian Pokersport Association (APSA)

The Austrian Pokersport Association (APSA) was founded in 2006 and is promoting poker as a skill game and mind sport in Austria.

The mission statement of the Austrian Pokersport Association defines its philosophy and includes general principles as well as strategic goals and values of conduct.


The Austrian Pokersport Association (APSA) was founded in order to establish and promote poker as a mind sport without monetary wagers in Austria. Every poker enthusiast should have the chance to follow his or her passion and to compete with like-minded people in a sportive environment. The idea of a collective sporting activity with a social aspect as well as the sportsmanship of poker in competition are key aspects of the APSA.


As the national governing body of poker the APSA organizes the Poker-Bundesliga, the Austrian Poker Masters as well as many other ranking tournaments which are carried out both live and online. Additionally the APSA maintains a national ranking list for all Austrian poker players and nominates the national team for international competitions. In order to further structural development the APSA assists in establishing poker clubs as well as regional associations and has also setup its own Poker Academy to help improve poker skills of interested players.

The website of the APSA ( serves as information portal providing news about poker in Austria.


The long-term goal of the APSA is to establish poker as a mind sport both on a social as well as on an institutional level and to achieve a positive image shift of poker in the public’s view. Furthermore the APSA strives for the admission of poker into the Austrian Sports Organization and has therefore created general conditions as found in other sports.


Worldwide, poker is the sport with the second highest number of active players. Due to continued media interest further expansion can be expected in the coming years. The APSA is a member of the International Federation of Poker and has good relations to many other national associations. Along with an increasing number of Austrian poker clubs joining the APSA this ensures a positive future for the sport in Austria. Hence the APSA is able to address a growing audience and to strengthen the position of mind sports in Austria in collaboration with other mind game associations.

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