The Poles are ready to put themselves in pole position for the 2021 Nations Cup Finals

Representing Zwiazek Pokera Sportowego, here is the Polish national Match Poker squad:

1. Krystyna Jakubowska

31 years old – Warszawa

She works as a corporate lawyer. Used to play Texas Holdem live & online tournaments and cash games on a regular basis, however for the last 3 years has been focusing on her professional career. A member of Polish National Poker Team since the European Nations Cup in Cyprus in 2013.

2. Olga Konieczna

22 years old – Szczecin

She is a speech therapist and works with children. She has been playing Texas Hold’em poker as a hobby for 3 years. She likes competition and good coffee.

3. Jakub Wiśnicki

34 years old – Kraków

Polish National Team captain. Happy husband and father, fanatic gamer and passionate poker player. Unstoppable, lucky as hell and hard to beat – deal with it!

4. Radzym Jankiewicz

32 years old – Mogilno

He represented Poland in the Match Poker Nations Cup. Works for local government in Dabrawa. Social activist and book lover.


5. Krystian Kazaniecki

33 years old – Warszawa

PhD in Mathematics. Mathematician by education and by passion. In his free time he is an avid gamer, both computer and board games. He started playing poker with friends in his dormitory and hasn’t stopped since.

6. Rafał Rogosz

35 years old – Kraków

Experienced poker player, professional croupier, Polish National Team member in Match Poker, author of board games.

7. Piotr Sarnecki

32 years old – Wrocław

He manages early notification of risk in the supply chain in “riskmethods” company. He has been playing poker for many years. After winning the regional tournament, happy to participate in all further competitions created by Polish Federation and international organisations.

8. Michał Panek

40 years old – Warszawa

Playing head coach of the Polish National Team, former captain of Polish National Team since the beginning of its existence. Proud co-creator of team’s success that manifested by winning the majority of its international matches. Privately, happy husband and father.

The Italians go with experience in their bid to recreate their 2017 Nations Cup performance!

Introducing Team Italy:

Isidoro Alampi (captain)

Age: 48

General Manager, President of Italian Poker Federation

Founder of Italian Poker Federation in 2006 with his passion for sport, he contributed to the spread of poker as a sport throughout Italy. Member of the Tournament Director Association, he organised the Italian WPT in 2011.

His dream is to see poker officially recognised as a sport in Italy.


Antonio Parlavecchio

Age: 46

I have been in the world of poker since 2007 both as a player, participating in national and international events (EPT, WSOP, etc.), and as an organiser.

A sport that immediately fascinated me and allowed me to reap great satisfaction.


Massimo Majolino

Age: 53

Always a lover of poker in general I approached sports poker as soon as I got a foothold in Italy in 2006 now after having known and played it I am increasingly convinced that the future of sports poker is only Match Poker.

I have done some good results online in various platforms such as Pokerstars, 888 etc. etc.

Together with my two partners, I manage the dealer staff in the tournaments that take place at Casino Malta.


Giuseppe Ruggeri

Age: 46

As soon as I met sports poker I approached only out of curiosity but then curiosity became passion.

Discreet live and online player, I have obtained several good results in various Mini IPT, Pokermaps, Battle of Malta tournaments.

I am a dealer/floorman in the most important European events.


Marco Sfameni,

Age: 24

Pharmacy student still full time.

In love with discovery and adventures.

I love traveling and learning about new cultures.

Lover of sports poker for a long time (well before I could actually play), a passion that also extends to other card games.


Giuseppe Grimaldi
Age: 52
Architect with a passion for sport. He has practiced competitive youth and senior activities, in basketball, soccer and volleyball. About ten years ago, thanks to the FIGP, he met “Texas Hold’em live” and soon became one of the protagonists in the world of associations in his region (Sicily). Professional commitments do not allow him constant participation in international tournaments. Nevertheless, it has achieved excellent results by going to ITM frequently. The #9 place at the “Battle Of Malta 2015” is certainly the most prestigious placement. He was part of the 2017 Nations Cup team which finished runners-up to the Irish.


Katia Crisafulli

The beautiful part of the team.
Everyone bets that it will be the surprise of the impenetrable tournament, the poker face of the team.


Mario Sfameni
Age: 51
pharmacist with a passion for Texas Hold’em. Since 2006 he has been attending the Texas Hold’em world first as a live player ($50,000 won in his career) and then as a tournament organiser especially in Malta from 2009 to present.
Vice President of F.I.G.P. since 2013 in the IFMP family ready for the spread of Match Poker on the Italian territory.
He was part of the 2017 Nations Cup team which finished runners-up to the Irish.

The Kazakhstani’s can’t wait for their Match Poker debut!

Introducing the Kazakhstani national Match Poker team, for their participation in the upcoming 2021 Nations Cup qualifiers:

Gulbanu Sapabekova

Gulbanu Sapabekova (female)
My name is Banu (full name is Gulbanu Sapabekova). I am 47 years old and I am an economist by profession. I’ve been playing poker since 2011. I am the first woman to win a tournament in Portugal – Vilamoura. I also have wins at various tournaments and a lot of final tables on my account. At the moment I do not play as often as before, but I hope to improve my game in the future and achieve good results. It is a great honour for me to participate in such a prestigious tournament. Our team will try to show their best side. Thanks for the invitation and good luck to us!
Zhenis Abenov
Full Name: Abenov Zhenis Makhsutovich
Age & Profession: 36 years old, crypto investor
Zhenis started playing poker in 2007 and was one of the first Kazakhstan poker players.
He won many official tournaments in Kazakhstan including latest Central Asia Championship, King Of Poker Championship and Tournament of the Champions. With more than 20 trophies in live tournaments, the thing he likes most in the Game is the competitive spirit and fast changing pace of the game in tournaments. After poker became illegal in Kazakhstan, Zhenis started his online poker career which he continues to this time. In spare time, he likes to do research and invest in prospective new crypto projects. Married, happy father of 3 children.
Daniar Aubakirov
I was born on 06.05.90 and started playing poker at the age of 19. Started participating in local tournaments, won prize places.
I also participated in big world tournaments (WSOP, EPT, etc). Won WPT Amsterdam in 2017. What I love about poker is that everything depends on you. Married, have 1 daughter.
Ermek Alymbekov
My name Ermek, I am 54 years old and I am a philologist by profession.
I started playing poker in 2007 and I have wins at location tournaments and a lot of final tables on my account.
Skhirtladze Lasha
I was born on 26/03/1976 and I have been playing poker for over 20 years. I have played in local tournaments, won first and prize places. For me, poker is a game of intellect, skills, where the presence of luck is of no small importance. I work as a Chief of Restaurant. Experience 25 years.
Roman Lopatenko
38 years old, journalist and secretary of Kazakhstan Sport Poker Federation. In 2007 started playing poker and organising tournaments. Captain of national team in international competitions. Doing a lot of work for the promotion of poker as sport in Kazakhstan. Playing poker online, also like chess and backgammon.

Team Mongolia look to channel their inner Genghis Khan and make their mark in Match Poker!

Introducing the Mongolian national Match Poker team, representing The Mongolian Free Poker Federation:

Mongolian national team members

Buyanjargal Bold


Age: 38

Profession: Germanistik

Bio: He started playing poker in 2005. From 2006 to 2010, he worked as a dealer in a casino. He re-started playing poker in 2013 and won the 2014 Asia-Pacific Red Dragon main event in Macao, beating 995 players. ‘For me, poker is an intellectual sport that requires psychological combat, endurance and self-control. Having competed in many competitions and experienced joys and sorrows, I will love this sport and play it to the death.’


Tsognaadorj. T

Full Name: TSognaadorj Tegshjargal

Age: 33

Profession: Human Resources Manager

Bio: When I first started playing poker, my goal was to become a good athlete who made a name for Mongolia and the world.

Hobby: Playing chess, checkers, billiards, basketball.


Gantugs. N


Age: 23

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Bio: In 2018, I became interested in poker. I first learned to play at a cash table on a Mongolian site. In addition, poker, which is associated with chess, was considered an intellectual sport and was practiced in the future. In his spare time, he enjoys playing poker.


Battulga J


Age: 32

Profession: Accountant

Bio: I’ve been playing poker since 2012. Also i’ve had running poker course since 2017. My most interesting subjects are astronomy and philosophy. It’s like I could discuss those subjects 24/7 with anyone.


Ankhzaya Ch

Full Name: Ankhzaya Chindegsuren

Age: 35

Profession: Journalist

Bio: I have been interested in playing poker for more than ten years. I’m a mother of two and like to play all kinds of online games. I’m also interested in growing and caring for plants.


Anujin. Kh

Full Name: Anujin Khadkhuu

Age: 21

Profession: Student of the National University of Mongolia

Bio: I have been watching professional players since I was 17 then I started playing poker myself at the age of 19. I am very dedicated to this sport and looking forward to make my team the best of all.


Erdene B


Age: 44

Profession: DRIVER

Bio: I’ve been interested in poker for over 5 years, and I started playing poker because I was interested in playing cards. In my free time, I usually play online poker.

Hobby: Shooting sports and volleyball


Chinbaatar. M


Age: 34

Profession: Tourism Management

Bio: Been playing poker since 2006, what I love about it is that it is a mind sport and can be played by anyone irrespective of age and gender.


Bat-erdene. E


Age: 31

Profession: TV Director

Bio: Began playing poker in 2010, I have been participating in sports competitions for 5 years. I like to play with human psychology and read cards. I’m playing to improve my skills now.


Enkhmaa. M

Full name: Enkhmaa Myangat

Age: 28

Profession: Journalist

Bio: Poker has been one part of my life for a few years. But I have huge goals and dreams. So the championship would be a big chance to improve myself and my poker career.

The Lithuanians want to improve on their Bronze medal finish in 2020!

Team Lithuania have had a bit of a roller coaster ride in IFMP events so far!

2019 European Nations Cup in Kyiv saw them miss out on the top 6 (which would have secured their Nations Cup spot) but they managed to do it the hard way by winning their place after a tough battle with the bottom 7 teams to win the Nations Plate and a spot in the finals.

2020 Nations Cup Finals, which had to be held virtually, was contested by 12 qualified nations from Asia and Europe. Lithuania battled hard and made sure they weren’t completely out of it at any point of the event. Finally they had an incredible session and managed to finish in 3rd place overall, winning bronze medals and certificates for their efforts!

They have stuck to the same team, with one addition in Paulius Vaitiekunas.

Paulius Vaitiekūnas

Paulius Vaitiekūnas – Professional poker player, 27 years old. Started playing at the age of 14 with friends and fell in love with the psychological aspect of the game, grinds High Stakes spin & go tournaments while studying in the UK. Sunday Million winner, WSOPC winner, 100s Spin & Go Jackpot Winner. Currently playing mid/high stakes MTTs and oversees Spin stable.


Skirmantas Tomkevičius – the president of National federation of Poker of Lithuania. I will be playing just in case its needed.


Erikas Zukas – He is the youngest member of our national team, eager to learn and understand other players – once Erikas has won tournament without even looking at his own cards!


Arūnas Valentavičius – he was born on 1975/09/25. Retired solder of Lithuanian army. Plays only in federation tournaments.


Dainius Ulkė – he was born in Biržai, but since early days lives in Vilnius, works in IT sector since 1994. One of the most stable players in federation.


Mantas Urbonas – poker professional from Panevėžys, now resides in Vilnius. Mantas also a football’s team Top Kicker’s owner and manager. He started to play poker 10 years ago, and his best achievement is 4th place of Battle of Malta winning 120000 EUR. Ranks 31st in Lithuania by live earnings. Mantas was born on 1987/06/22.


Laimutis Kalvelis – He was born on 1970/06/26. He is pretty successful in federation tournaments, has won two of them since 2012. Works as a CEO in company taking care of houses in the city. Was born and lives in Vilnius.


Diana Dvelienė – she was born on 1976/11/09 in Kaunas. She lives there and together with her husband, who is also a poker player in the federation, they run their own plants growing business. Does not play often in any live tournaments, but if she does, finishes ITM.