Team Mongolia look to channel their inner Genghis Khan and make their mark in Match Poker!

Introducing the Mongolian national Match Poker team, representing The Mongolian Free Poker Federation:

Mongolian national team members

Buyanjargal Bold

Name: Buyanjargal Bold

Age: 38

Profession: Germanistik

Bio: He started playing poker in 2005. From 2006 to 2010, he worked as a dealer in a casino. He re-started playing poker in 2013 and won the 2014 Asia-Pacific Red Dragon main event in Macao, beating 995 players. ‘For me, poker is an intellectual sport that requires psychological combat, endurance and self-control. Having competed in many competitions and experienced joys and sorrows, I will love this sport and play it to the death.’


Tsognaadorj. T

Full Name: Tsognaadorj Tegshjargal

Age: 33

Profession: Human Resources Manager

Bio: When I first started playing poker, my goal was to become a good athlete who made a name for Mongolia and the world.

Hobby: Playing chess, checkers, billiards, basketball.


Gantugs. N

Full Name: Gantugs Namsrai

Age: 23

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Bio: In 2018, I became interested in poker. I first learned to play at a cash table on a Mongolian site. In addition, poker, which is associated with chess, was considered an intellectual sport and was practiced in the future. In his spare time, he enjoys playing poker.


Battulga J

Full Name: Battulga Janag

Age: 32

Profession: Accountant

Bio: I’ve been playing poker since 2012. Also i’ve had running poker course since 2017. My most interesting subjects are astronomy and philosophy. It’s like I could discuss those subjects 24/7 with anyone.


Ankhzaya Ch

Full Name: Ankhzaya Chindegsuren

Age: 35

Profession: Journalist

Bio: I have been interested in playing poker for more than ten years. I’m a mother of two and like to play all kinds of online games. I’m also interested in growing and caring for plants.


Anujin. Kh

Full Name: Anujin Khadkhuu

Age: 21

Profession: Student of the National University of Mongolia

Bio: I have been watching professional players since I was 17 then I started playing poker myself at the age of 19. I am very dedicated to this sport and looking forward to make my team the best of all.


Erdene B

Full Name: Erdene-Bayar Boldbaatar

Age: 44

Profession: DRIVER

Bio: I’ve been interested in poker for over 5 years, and I started playing poker because I was interested in playing cards. In my free time, I usually play online poker.

Hobby: Shooting sports and volleyball


Chinbaatar. M

Full Name: Chinbaatar Maamuu

Age: 34

Profession: Tourism Management

Bio: Been playing poker since 2006, what I love about it is that it is a mind sport and can be played by anyone irrespective of age and gender.


Bat-erdene. E

Full Name: Bat-Erdene Erdene-Bayar

Age: 31

Profession: TV Director

Bio: Began playing poker in 2010, I have been participating in sports competitions for 5 years. I like to play with human psychology and read cards. I’m playing to improve my skills now.


Enkhmaa. M

Full name: Enkhmaa Myangat

Age: 28

Profession: Journalist

Bio: Poker has been one part of my life for a few years. But I have huge goals and dreams. So the championship would be a big chance to improve myself and my poker career.