Stas and his Poker Fighters are ready to represent Israel!


The Israeli National Poker Team:

#42 Stas Tishkevich

35 years old lives in Hod Hasharon with his wife and 2 children. Team coach/player. Stas is a professional poker player and entrepreneur. He plays both Cash & MTTs and his best results to date include a 7th place finish at SCOOP Main Event 2013 for 90,877$, and a deep run in the WSOP Main Event 2020 where he finished 20th for 34,116$. He is a co-founder of the Israeli Poker Academy, a co-founder of the Poker-Fighter Training App, and the chairman of the Israeli Poker Union.


#89 Ifat Levy

47 years old, lives in Gedera. Married with 5 children, retired from IDF 3 years ago and now works as a history and citizenship teacher. Started playing Hold’em a few years ago but only after graduating the Israeli Poker Academy she discovered poker tournaments and fell in love with them.

#666 Eyal Pearl

Lives in Ramat Hasharon. Started playing poker 7 years ago. Loves the game, feels a great honour in representing Israel. As an Ultra-man finisher, he believes that both at the ultra-man challenge and at poker, patience is essential in order to succeed.


#8 Shachar Zvang

Lives in Ganne Tiqva with his amazing wife and 3 boys. Plays NLH for 15 years, mostly with friends. In the last 2 years he studied in the Israeli Poker Academy and started to think like a pro poker player. He’s thrilled to represent Israel in the Match Poker championship.



#19 Shimon Yaffe 

52 years old, lives in Tel Aviv. CEO of the Israeli Poker Union. Tournament Director of the Israeli Poker Championship company.


#17 Omri Elmaleh 

Lives in Ashdod. 34 years old. Playing Texas Hold’em for about 17 years, mostly tournaments, dreaming big.


#73 Ziv Leinwand

49 years old from Tel Aviv. Plays Texas Hold’em since 2010, mostly cash. A passionate advocate for poker regulation & legalisation, Ziv is hi-tech executive and entrepreneur.



#10 Ronen Val

Lives in Yavne. Plays Hold’em for 6 years. Graduated at the Israeli poker academy. Happy to be a part of team Israel and promoting the game in Israel.