Match Poker reaches Iceland!

Icelandic Match Poker Team 2021

Daníel Pétur Axelsson

Age: 42

Profession: trainer, taxi driver, poker player

Playing poker for about 15 years almost exclusively tournaments. Icelandic champion in online PLO and online NLH in 2020. Want to test my skills in this format where luck has been taken out of the equation.


Egill Thorsteinsson

Age: 29

Profession: Shipping manager / poker player

I have been playing poker for 9 years.  In the beginning mostly cash games but for the last few years I have also been playing tournaments. Icelandic PLO champion in 2020 and runner-up in the Icelandic championship in 2019.


Einar Th. Einarsson

Age: 48

Profession: Technical Director/Software Engineer.

Playing poker for 20 years, almost exclusively tournaments. As an old competitive Bridge player, Match Poker sounds like a perfect blend of the two games to me.


Gardar Geir Hauksson

Age: 31

Profession: Salmon fishing guide, poker player

Started in small home games at 15 years old, played professionally since 18. Very competitive and love the team format. Proud to represent Iceland in Match Poker. Live: Notts Cup champion (#8) UKIPT 5, Icelandic high-roller champion 2015. Online: Sunday 750k FTP winner, Sunday Warm up runner up, Double Deuce runner-up.


Gunnar Árnason


Profession: Warehouse manager, poker player.

I have been playing poker on and off for the past 20 years. Last 4-5 years I have been focusing more and more on poker and training. I have specially been focusing on tournaments so Match poker should be an interesting addition to that. Notable results include Icelandic PLO champion in 2019 and 4th in 2020, runner-up in NLH Icelandic championship in 2020.


Halldór Már Sverrisson

Age: 49

Profession: Real-estate broker.

I have been playing poker regularly since 1990 and bridge with breaks from 1990. I think that is a good combo for Match Poker. Icelandic PLO champion in 2018, few final tables in the Icelandic championship. 


Inga “Poko” Gudbjartsdóttir

Age: 40

Profession: Business consultant

I have been playing poker on and off since 2006 and also worked as a poker dealer from 2011, alongside working on a BS degree in Business Administration at the University of Iceland. I enjoy playing NLH, PLO and PLO Hi/Lo and have played poker on four continents: Europe, America, Asia and Africa. I enjoy competitive sports and have represented Iceland in snooker and 10-ball pool. I am proud and excited to represent Iceland in Match Poker. Notable results include 1st NLH Bulgarian champion, Bulgarian Open, Varna, Bulgaria 2006, 18th NLH Icelandic Championship 2019 and 14th NLH Icelandic Championship 2020.


Kristjana Gudjónsdóttir (Jana)

Age: 36

Profession: Student

Playing poker since 2010. I find Match Poker an exciting concept as it relies on skill and the luck factor has been minimised.

Notable results include Icelandic online champion 2015, 40th EPT Esterellas Barcelona 2015, 72th EPT Esterellas Barcelona 2014.


Magnús Valur Bödvarsson

Age: 37 

Profession: Head Groundsman at KR football club and referee for Icelandic FA.

Playing poker since 2006, mostly tournaments. Match Poker is a fun game and tests the skills of players and it’s an honour to be a member of the national team. 4th in Icelandic poker championship 2019, 96th Barcelona cup 2014, multiple wins in Icelandic online poker series.


Saevar Ingi Saevarsson

Age: 39

Profession: Truck driver, bus driver and tour guide.

Playing poker for about 14 years. Want to test my skills in this format of poker and Im proud to represent Iceland in Match Poker. Runner-up in the Icelandic championship in 2018 and Icelandic champion in online poker 2019.