The Poles are ready to put themselves in pole position for the 2021 Nations Cup Finals

Representing Zwiazek Pokera Sportowego, here is the Polish national Match Poker squad:

1. Krystyna Jakubowska

31 years old – Warszawa

She works as a corporate lawyer. Used to play Texas Holdem live & online tournaments and cash games on a regular basis, however for the last 3 years has been focusing on her professional career. A member of Polish National Poker Team since the European Nations Cup in Cyprus in 2013.

2. Olga Konieczna

22 years old – Szczecin

She is a speech therapist and works with children. She has been playing Texas Hold’em poker as a hobby for 3 years. She likes competition and good coffee.

3. Jakub Wiśnicki

34 years old – Kraków

Polish National Team captain. Happy husband and father, fanatic gamer and passionate poker player. Unstoppable, lucky as hell and hard to beat – deal with it!

4. Radzym Jankiewicz

32 years old – Mogilno

He represented Poland in the Match Poker Nations Cup. Works for local government in Dabrawa. Social activist and book lover.


5. Krystian Kazaniecki

33 years old – Warszawa

PhD in Mathematics. Mathematician by education and by passion. In his free time he is an avid gamer, both computer and board games. He started playing poker with friends in his dormitory and hasn’t stopped since.

6. Rafał Rogosz

35 years old – Kraków

Experienced poker player, professional croupier, Polish National Team member in Match Poker, author of board games.

7. Piotr Sarnecki

32 years old – Wrocław

He manages early notification of risk in the supply chain in “riskmethods” company. He has been playing poker for many years. After winning the regional tournament, happy to participate in all further competitions created by Polish Federation and international organisations.

8. Michał Panek

40 years old – Warszawa

Playing head coach of the Polish National Team, former captain of Polish National Team since the beginning of its existence. Proud co-creator of team’s success that manifested by winning the majority of its international matches. Privately, happy husband and father.