Team Macedonia are Ready for the 2021 Nations Cup Qualifiers

Introducing the National Match Poker squad for Macedonia, based on a number of qualification tournaments, and ready to battle with the other nations for the Nations Cup qualification spots:

Sofija Dzadzeva – has been playing poker for the last 15 years and was awarded Macedonian female player of the year in 2016.

Marijana Josifovska – Macedonian female poker player of the year in 2017.

Katarina Tasevski , mother of two children , favorite to be crowned Macedonian female player of 2020

Aleksandar Trajkovski – 3 times crowned Macedonian player of the year and the only one who played in the live Euro qualifications in Vienna in 2012. He is a professional poker player for the past 10 years and captain of the Macedonian team.

Tomas Spaseski – He is a professional poker player and one of the best Macedonian players over the last few years.

Andreja Andreevski – He works at one of the best Macedonian TV channels and enjoys playing poker as his main hobby.

Petar Filipov – He is one of the 3 professional poker players in the Macedonian poker team, been playing since 2009.

Aleksandar Naumoski – He is professional soldier, works in the Macedonian army and loves playing poker for fun.

Miki Jovanov – He works as a manager at the local jail (government institution) and plays poker as a hobby. Winner of the online Macedonian poker league in 2020.

Spase Klenkovski – A businessman who plays poker for fun for many years. Regular player of the Macedonian online poker leagues last 5 years.