2019 & 2020 Champions, Team Ukraine, looking to defend their title in Macedonia!

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Ukraine was one of the original founding members of the IFMP, represented by the late Mr. Gary Bowman who was a key individual in the creation of the international and national federation, a major believer and supporter of poker as a mind sport and strategic game of skill.

The national team, represented by the Ukraine Sport Poker Federation (USPF), first participated in a global Match Poker event in March 2019 in Dublin at the Nations Cup, and managed to dethrone the Irish as World Champions! The 2019 European Championships were then hosted in Kyiv and saw 13 national teams compete for the continental honours and to qualify for the World Cup. However due to Covid, the 2020 Nations Cup Finals were held in a virtual format, with the qualified nations competing from the safety and comfort of their own homes by being linked up through a video conference platform.

This didn’t change much for the Ukrainians and they proved their skills once again, successfully defending the World Championship and becoming the first 2-time Nations Cup holders. We know of their strength, resolve and fighting spirit as a nation, and this is exactly what they will bring with them to Macedonia as they look to once again emerge victorious. IFMP and the global Match Poker family stands with Ukraine as they continue to defend their nation.

The Ukrainian National Team for the 2021 Nations Cup Finals:

Name: Igor Kotyk

Age: 33

Bio: Igor Kotyk is a relatively young player, but he won the first main event at UPT in Ukraine back in 2012. In the prize-winning athlete’s victory not only online, in the SCOOP series, but also in live tournaments in Vegas. In the online segment, he is well known not only as an MTT athlete, but also a high-stakes cash player.

Name: Ivanna Yatsiuk

Age: 33

Bio: Ivanna is a debutant of the Ukrainian national team and a professional poker player. She has earned her place in the main team thanks to her excellent results. Lately Ivanna has won many big online tournaments and has proved her worth in the live series. Now it’s time to help the team win new trophies!

Name: Vasyl Zabrodskyy

Age: 56

Bio: Journalist and an amateur poker player, Vasil is the most experienced player of the Ukrainian national team and one of Ukraine’s most titled poker players. Zabrodsky’s collection includes three EPT championships, victories in other prestigious poker series and prizes in Ukrainian sports poker championships. This will be his debut performance at the Nations Cup as part of the Ukrainian national team.

Name: Volodymyr Drokin

Age: 32

Bio: A professional poker player, Volodymyr also has two gold medals of the Match Poker Nations Cup having been an integral part of the Ukrainian national team in both 2019 and 2020. In addition, he has won the Ukrainian sports poker championship and has repeatedly been noted for his successful performances at the World Series of Poker in Vegas. Drokin is a real fighter and helps his team prepare for the competition as thoroughly as possible, with the aim to defend their championship.

Name: Hanna Mazno

Age: 32

Bio: A professional poker player, Hanna made her debut in the Ukrainian national team in 2020. And before that, she managed to become the winner of the selection event to the team, organised by PokerMatch. This player from Kharkiv managed to get ahead of almost 100 competitors and win a place in the main team of the country. Well done and congratulations to Hanna!

Name: Artem Kobylynskyi

Age: 31

Bio: A very dangerous opponent for any player who comes to the table with him. Artem, a professional poker player, has made it to the EPT Super Final Main Event, and he has dozens of great results in online tournaments. Artem always tries to show his best game in the Ukrainian team and does it excellently.

Name: Oleksandr Petryk

Age: 32

Bio: A regular on the national poker circuit, Oleksandr will be making his national team debut at the 2021 Nations Cup Finals in Macedonia.

Name: Sergey Efimenko

Bio: President of the Ukrainian Sports Poker Federation and manager of the national Match Poker team. He has been a key figure in the growth of poker as a mind sport in Ukraine, creating a strong national structure and being recognised by the Sports Ministry. He also arranged for the national team to be awarded with their trophy and medals at the Olympic House in Kyiv by the Minister of Sport, after the 2020 Nations Cup victory.