Will the Singaporeans Finally Get Their Elusive Podium Finish?

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After topping the standings for most of the World Championships in Macedonia last year, Team Singapore narrowly missed out on their podium finish. Leading by example, Lisa and her team will surely come to Hong Kong with one goal – becoming Champions of Asia!


Name: Lisa Tan Meiling

Age: 34

Profession: Tech Industry

Bio: This captain who loves poker, hearthstone, and problem solving suffers daily anxiety attacks from managing a team of quintessential poker players. She’s also extremely proud of her talented teammates and how far the team has come. Lisa is very much looking forward to competing in the upcoming Asian Championships!


Name: Zefirelli Noordin

Age: 36

Profession: Semi-retired investor

Bio: A semi-retired investor and recreational poker player, Zef supports the Singapore Match Poker team operations and finance.


Name: Phua Tzai Wei

Age: 28

Profession: Self employed

Bio: Big Liverpool and football fan, avid risk taker.


Name: Ng Qingyang

Age: 33

Profession: Poker coach

Bio: Qing Yang (better known as QY) is an Elite Coach at Run It Once. He played 10/20 live for most of his career, and about 5 years ago started coaching on the side. As of today he’s worked with more than 100 students, and his Run It Once videos are among the most well-received on the site.


Name: Wee Yee Joon Darren

Age: 31

Profession: Self-employed

Bio: Recreational tournament player, previously played for Singapore in 2021 world finals and helped team qualify to 2022 finals.


Name: Keith Joel Seah Jia Qiang

Age: 32

Profession: Self-Employed

Bio: Been playing poker for 4 years and enjoyed the previous match poker experience.


Name: Lin Ruizi

Age: 32

Profession: Lawyer – Litigator

Bio: I’m a strategy game nerd – started out with Chess and Magic: The Gathering. Also play Hearthstone, Marvel Snap etc.
Shortly before university, my friends introduced me to poker and I… well I still looked back and played all my usual games. But poker is very interesting too and there are a lot of misconceptions about it when it is a strategy and math game at heart! Was in last year’s Worlds team where we sadly fell short of the podium despite leading all the way – still don’t know what’s going on sometimes when I see the many colour coded charts but I have learned that a big face card with another big face card usually gets you more points in Match Poker especially if they match – unless all the same colours come out. Hoping to learn more from all the tough players out there and willing to play learning fees in home games!


Name: Feng Zhao

Age: 34

Profession: Financial Adviser

Bio: I like travelling and playing poker in different countries.