The PokerListings website features a fascinating interview this week with IFP president Anthony Holden.

The article, written by Martin Harris, delves into various topics, including the background of IFP, it’s future aims and of course, which is the best poker film.

Holden, as the author of the seminal Big Deal: A year as a professional poker player, also touches on his own favourite poker books, those of esteemed authors such as Jim McManus, Michael Craig and Peter Alson.

The entire interview is well worth a look but perhaps the most important comment related to repositioning poker in modern culture.

“That is perhaps our central mission,” said Holden. “We all know that poker’s history – from its prominence in old western movies to the fact that it is still played primarily in casinos ¬– has given it a somewhat shady reputation, directly associated with gambling.

“But by promoting poker purely for the love of the game, and Match Poker as a new variant for national teams, IFP aspires to make poker as respectable as chess and bridge – which themselves were once regarded as gambling games.

“There is no reason why poker should not reach the same level of acceptance as a game of mental skill and agility, so that governments around the world can separate it from gaming legislation.”

Read the interview in full on the PokerListings website.