In January of this year the International Federation of Poker announced details of a new initiative in partnership with Limehouse Books, known as IFP Books. The new venture has been set up to promote and publish books in the UK dedicated to poker.

The first title to be released will be The Rules of Poker, which will be on shelves, both real and virtual, in April, although readers will be able to pre-order a copy on Amazon in the next few weeks.The Rules of Poker is the long-awaited, unifying international rule book for tournament poker, which also features instructions on how to play Duplicate Poker, a form of the game pioneered by the IFP. Covering all poker variants, the book will be a must have for casual players and devotees of the game, and was edited by poker playing novelist and chairman if the IFPs International Rules Committee, David Flusfeder.Publication to coincide with the 2nd World Mind Sports Games, that will take place immediately after the London Olympics. Now a first glimpse of the book is being made available, with the hardback cover now finalised (right). For more details about IFP Books, read the original news story here. Check back on the IFP website for more news about IFP Books in the coming weeks.