Interesting hands of the ANC – 2/5


Everyone loves a flush draw

In an unusual situation here where seats 2, 3 and 4 all flop a diamond flush draw (seat 2 also with top pair), we see five of the eight teams getting it all-in bad. Sometimes a flush draw, especially a nut flush draw as in seat 3, is just too hard to let go. This is another example of China’s dominance, trebling up with their QT and not committing more than 150 chips elsewhere. In contrast, Singapore and India were two of the teams unsuccessfully chasing draws and also not capitalising from their one strong holding. Looking across the rows it is also interesting to compare how teams played their rag hands. Every team folded pre-flop with their 95 off-suit in seat 6, yet there is quite a range of play seen with the J3 suited in seat 5.


Kings busted

In regular poker events getting a big hand cracked can seriously dent a player’s prospects or even result in their elimination from the tournament. In Match Poker, however, such scenarios impact only single hands, and more importantly, are dealt equally to all teams. The KK in seat 4 here is destined to walk into either the flopped flush in seat 5 or two-pair in seat 6. India and Mongolia outmaneuver everybody by winning the hand in both these spots. India also managed to get away lightly with their kings, while Mongolia (and CPG) even managed a sizable win in this spot as well. One of the biggest single pots won in Hand 50 was by Japan’s Tsuneaki Takeda (11325 chips) yet the team scored below average due to action elsewhere.