Interesting hands of the ANC – 1/5


Can anyone stop Bold Uundai?

The 2013 ANC wouldn’t have been the same without Mongolia. Their uber-aggressive style eventually got found out, destroying their chances as a team, but such volatility helped them to pick up a few of the individual player awards. An example here is Mongolian captain Bold Uundai making a straight against Japan’s AK in seat 5. No other seat 3 player got beyond the flop with their 54 of hearts, but Bold managed a double-up, putting him way out ahead in the individual standings. Of note is that he did the same thing again in the next hand, spiking a river king for a full house against China, to record back-to-back double-ups that no other seat 3 player achieved. On paper Hand 4 looked like a classic AKvTT scenario. Think again when Mongolia is in the house!


The art of pot-limit

In another ‘action hand’ we see four spots showing particular interest. There are the pocket pairs of 7s and 9s, plus the QJ and K3 that connect well with the flop. The QJ in particular is key here, as despite half the teams folding this pre-flop, it turned out to be the overall winner. The K3 on the other hand flops a nice flush draw, turns top pair, but misses on the river. With Match Poker’s pot-limit pre-flop structure, a lot of flops are seen. Teams must figure out how to maximise their winning spots and minimise their losses. China won this hand by extracting the most chips with the 9s in seat 2 and losing little elsewhere.  Despite CPG and Israel being the only two teams to double through their QJ in seat 5, it is the result across the whole team that counts.