A look back at the Asian Nations Cup


One week on from China’s historic win at the very first IFP Asian Nations Cup, here are a few overall stats from the tournament.

Overall scoreboard


China consistently scored highly throughout each of the 8 sessions to finish almost 40 points clear of the runners-up.  Show team CPG made a late charge to pinch the silver medal position from Singapore, with Australia and Israel picking up the final two qualification spots at the IFP Nations Cup Finals.

The individual player awards were given to the players who gained the most chips in a session/overall, relative to the average of all other players playing the same cards.

Individual standings

SessionPlayer (Nation)
Session 1Bold Uundai (Mongolia)
Session 2Wu Sai (CPG)
Session 3Sangeeth Mohan (India)
Session 4Queenie Kwan Yee Yim (Australia)
Session 5Mudit Agarwal (India)
Session 6Kinichi Nakata (Japan)
Session 7Temuulen Dashbat (Mongolia) – Player of the Tournament
Session 8Garth Kay (Australia)

Of note also is that Zang Shu Nu of China won the most chips overall (55750).

After each session teams were handed Stats Sheets from the play of each set of 30 hands.  Here are some final numbers from all 240 hands combined:

Best Strike RateChina4.80points per hand
Worst Strike RateMongolia4.18points per hand
Most Hands WonMongolia58
Most Hands LostMongolia70
Most Pots WonMongolia405
Least Pots WonChina175
Largest Average WinChina3760chips
Smallest Average WinSingapore2352chips
Smallest Average LossSingapore-252chips
Largest Average LossMongolia-1370chips