First Ever Belorussian Poker Series

In the middle of July, around the same time as the World Series of Poker was being held in Las Vegas, the first ever Belorussian poker series commenced.

Organized by one of the first IFP members, Belorussian Sport Poker Federation, under the brand of 6th Open Championship of Sport Poker, it became the biggest poker event in the history of the Republic of Belarus. Almost 1000 entries (including 202 for Main event) for 11 tournaments with participants from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania etc. along with the largest prize pool of more than $100,000 and first video live stream with poker pro’s commentary in Russian. We can proudly say it was one of the amongst the most successful poker events of the year for a former USSR territory and the Belorussian Sport Poker Federation are about to make this series a regular occurrence.

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Live stream of the event can be viewed at: