The International Federation of Match Poker’s (IFMP) Nations Cup Final is to go ahead despite Covid-19, with the showpiece competition to be hosted virtually.

The decision was taken by IFMP to protect players at a time when most participating nations are still facing coronavirus lockdowns.

The Nations Cup will take place on Saturday May 30th and Sunday May 31st with 14 nations competing live on a digital host platform.

While each participating player will remain safe in his/her own home, the platform will enable each member of every team to see and communicate with each of their table competitors while the session is on and with their team mates, captain, manager, analysts, etc during breaks in play, in a virtual live competitive environment.

The global nature of the event means that while some will experience early morning play, others will be participating during their evening/night time.

Match Poker was devised and developed by the International Federation of Match Poker – which holds Observer Status of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and which has over 65 members federations worldwide – as a team-based mind sport where the element of chance inherent in the “random draw of cards” has been removed.

As a result, it conforms to the GAISF definition of a sport as ‘not relying on any element of luck specifi- cally integrated into the sport.’ IFMP has successfully developed the Match Poker technology including innovative use of smartphones in game-play and administration, making Match Poker a true 21st cen- tury mind sport and an eSport.

For the Nations Cup players will be producing personal video introductions to help with the event pro- duction, and will also use their mobile phones or tablets to access the gameplay software.

Teams taking part are reigning World champions Ukraine who will be joined by European champions Spain, Asian champions India and teams from Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Belarus, Lithuania plus a Digital Nation and a President’s pick.

Patrick Nally president of IFMP said:

“All International Sports Federations are facing enormous chal- lenges due to the pandemic but we are fortunate that, with our gameplay software, we are able to play a ‘live’ event but in individual home locations. Match Poker is a sport based entirely on skill and it’s the combination of a team’s effort that will ultimately produce the winner”.

“The social relationships developed through the hosting of our Match Poker events are important to us and we are looking forward to getting back to live events as soon as practical, but we will continue to support our international competition schedule in this manner until such times as our ‘sporting family’ can be reunited”.

The Nations Cup series kicked off with the European Nations Cup in Kyiv, Ukraine where 7 Nations qualified with Spain being crowned Champions. Next was the Asian Nations Cup in Taoyuan city, Taiwan where 5 Nations qualified with India taking the trophy home. This Nations Cup event will close the series by crowning our World Match Poker Champion for 2020.