Malta and Switzerland become IFMP Members!

February 4th 2020 saw the IFMP Board unanimously vote in favour of membership applications received from Malta and Switzerland to become the latest additions to the Match Poker family.



Malta Sport For All – MSFA is a multi sport federation divided in different divisions. Each division is technically independent and coordinates the different sports assigned to them. Each single division is recognised by the respective International Federation and develop the sport with the help of all the MSFA members. Match Poker division aims to achieve recognition in Malta and the status of sport in their country.

Anita Pariani, President

Marco Tomasini, General Secretary

Jean Claude Dimech, Vice President

Tonio Grech, Treasurer



FederSwiss Sport for All – FederSwiss was born in 2016 and it is a multi sport federation based in Gorno, Switzerland. The vision of FederSwiss is that all the athletes in Switzerland need to have the opportunity to achieve excellence in sport and high-level competition, to have the possibility to play integrated sports and to have promotional level sports to improve their capabilities. FederSwiss aims to develop amateur and promotional sports for all the athletes. FederSwiss is also an elite level federation for different sports like Pole and Aerial Sports, E-Sports, O-Sports, Majorette Sports and Aesthetic group gymnastics. The division of Match Poker Federation will be the new and most important division for the future of FederSwiss.

Marco Tomasini, President

Linda Casalini, Vice President

Piero Acquaro, Vice President

Thomas Babler, Treasurer

Vincenzo Preziuso, Director Gerenal

Andrea Pantano, General Secretary


Both the organisations for Malta and Switzerland are ‘official’ sports groups established in each country, to help promote new sports not currently part of the Olympic or local Sports Ministries activities. In both cases these bodies are recognised in their individual nations and can help us present and develop the sport of Match Poker actively in each market. This therefore means that we are formally granting recognition to each body to be the National Match Poker Federation in the two countries.