RZ_EU-NationsCup-LogoThe International Federation of Poker (IFP) is set to hold its first event of 2013.

To be hosted in the beautiful surroundings of ‘The Annabelle Hotel’ in Paphos, Cyprus, on 12th-15th April 2013, the European Nations Cup will be the very first official IFP tournament to be conducted without physical playing cards and dealers. The event will showcase a whole host of brand new IFP Match Poker technology. Not only will players receive their hole cards on individual smartphones, but also every single action on all 14 tables will be logged and openly available for replay and analysis via the “IFP Player”.

The 14 participating Nations are as follows: Cyprus (host), Bosnia Herzegovina, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain and the UK. The top 6 will qualify through to the IFP Nations Cup Final later in the year.Match Poker is the mind sports version of poker promoted by IFP. By borrowing the basic concepts of Duplicate Bridge, it offers a way of organising individual and team poker tournaments completely free from the “luck of the draw”. Match Poker tournaments are unique in allowing a fair assessment of the skill of the players without any influence of the random deal of cards.

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