Small Banner EnThe first publication from IFP Books – The Rules of Poker – was given its official launch on Friday evening, marked by an evening of cocktails, canapés and poker at The Club at the Ivy in central London.

The International Federation of Poker, the game’s global governing body, joined forces with independent publisher Limehouse Books in 2011 to produce the volume which is set to become the ultimate authoritative source of reference and dispute resolution.

Members of the press and wider poker community raised a glass to the new book, which was compiled by the IFP’s Rules Committee whose chairman, the novelist and poker player David Flusfeder, is its editor.

Poker’s rules have evolved ever since it was introduced to the United States in the early 19th Century. With no central governing body, house rules developed which, although broadly similar in many respects, often contained critical differences.

According to Anthony Holden, President of the International Federation of Poker, publishing an officially endorsed rulebook is designed to eliminate any remaining local variations in rules, creating a unity in the sport worldwide.

“One of the key roles of any sports governing body is to establish clear and consistent rules which apply throughout the world,” said Holden. “It would clearly be absurd if the rules of football or tennis differed from country to country and poker is no different.

“It is a sign of the growing maturity and popularity of poker that we have taken this step.”

In his preface to the book, Holden adds: “But this book is designed to cover far more than merely tournament poker. It is the perfect volume to keep on hand in poker clubs and at kitchen-table home games the world over.”

The handsome volume contains sections on all the major variants of poker, as well as disputes refereed by the Hendon Mob’s feature “You are the Tournament Director”.

Bobby Nayyar, CEO of Limehouse Books said: “The Rules of Poker fills a decisive gap in the market as there are currently no other books for poker in print that cover tournament, cash play and the numerous variants of the game as well as combining and standardising rules from the major tournaments including the World Series and European Poker Tour.”

The Rules of Poker, edited by David Flusfeder with a preface by Anthony Holden is published by IFP Books in hardback, priced £12.99.


Ifp Imagelogo Bluegreen 700pxRegular visitors to the IFP website will notice something different from today, with the unveiling of the new IFP logo.The new design, which symbolizes a poker card, features the familiar IFP initials in an new layout and font while keeping the same tones of blue.IFP President Anthony Holden is delighted with the new look.

“This sleek new design marks the start of a new era for IFP, with some exciting announcements to be made in the coming days,” he said. “As President of IFP I’m proud to unveil our new logo as we enter a new era for poker as a Mind Sport of strategic skill.”

The idea behind the redesign was to give the IFP a simple, concise, modern and elegant appearance. The effect is quite striking.

See for yourself on the IFP website. The new logo will also shortly be appearing on the IFP Facebook and Twitter pages.


Ifp Imagelogo Bluegreen 700pxThe International Federation of Poker has today launched the first phase of its global membership development programme, agreeing an international media partnership with online sports news and social media service Vavel.The agreement is the first of a series of partnerships with high profile media organisations scheduled to be announced in the coming weeks and months, designed to deliver the IFP’s unique membership offer to audiences throughout the world through recognised and trusted local media brands.

Research suggests that poker is second only to football in global popularity and its tremendous growth has been fuelled by digital technology. Now the IFP is set to harness the power and potential of the online environment to create a new world of poker.

The partnership will see Vavel host the beta version of the IFP’s online platform which enables players to sign-up to play in a variety of online tournaments. Members will eventually achieve international and national rankings; qualify for their national team and the finals of the IFP’s World Championship of Poker, ‘The Table.’

“Our partnership with Vavel is a hugely significant step for the International Federation of Poker and the promotion of our sport,” said IFP President Anthony Holden.

“It is a vibrant and engaging platform which attracts a largely young, technology savvy, knowledgeable and sports focused audience. That profile is a great match for the aspirations of the IFP.”

Vavel WorldVavel is a fast-growing multi-media online sports service which publishes material from thousands of contributing authors and hosts debate and discussion across all sports. Its services specifically target Spain, Latin America, Italy, France and the UK although it is available globally.

Javier Robles, founder and CEO of Vavel said: “We are delighted to be in partnership with the International Federation of Poker. Poker is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet and many of our readers and authors are avid players.

“We fully support the objectives of the IFP and hope that this partnership will play its part in helping build a strong future for poker as a game of skill.”

In addition to registering for tournaments, members who sign-up to the IFP online platform through Vavel, which is free during the Beta phase, will become part of a thriving global poker community. It will offer opportunities to hone poker skills through the IFP Poker University, keep up to date with the latest news and developments from the world of poker and draw on a comprehensive library of poker-related content.

“The IFP online platform is liberating poker and making it possible for everyone to enter for the biggest prize of them all. We will be delighted to see online qualifiers competing with the biggest names in tournament poker at ‘The Table.’”, said Anthony Holden.

To take part in the Beta testing of IFP’s membership offer, visit poker.vavel.com.


Ifp Imagelogo Bluegreen 700pxThe moment that IFP has been working towards has finally arrived with the launch of the beta version of the global membership programme in partnership with the international sports newspaper Vavel.

It marks the start of what we believe is a new era for online poker and we’d like to invite you to take part.As well as catching up with news and blogs on the IFP website, you can now register to play on our Beta software, in partnership with Vavel. We think you’ll agree it is an innovative and elegant looking platform. Sign up, play and let us know what you think.

“Our partnership with Vavel is a hugely significant step for the International Federation of Poker and the promotion of our sport,” said IFP President Anthony Holden.

“It is a vibrant and engaging platform which attracts a largely young, technology savvy, knowledgeable and sports focused audience. That profile is a great match for the aspirations of the IFP.”

The Beta version is free to play with an annual membership fee of US $52 when the full site goes live. As one of the membership benefits you can play as much as you like, as often as you like, obtaining a national and international ranking as you progress as well as taking advantage of various other resources and training tools.

Crucially, members will be eligible to complete for the world title at “The Table,” the official World Poker Championship in 2013.

It’s the first announcement of its kind, with further partners to be announced in the coming weeks and months. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved. We hope you want to be involved too.

To sign up go to vavel.www.pokerfed.org.


Beta SOn Monday the IFP, in partnership with Vavel, launched the beta version of its global membership programme, the culmination of more than two years of work since the IFP was launched in 2009.

It’s the first of what will be several partnerships with major media platforms around the world and it’s so far so good for the beta testing.

If you haven’t already signed up it’s open to everyone and is as easy as visiting vavel.www.pokerfed.org and opening an account. The beta version is free of charge and allows you to play as often as you like in hourly Vavel League tournaments as well as your own national tournaments. Put simply it’s about the love of playing poker against people who feel the same.

What’s more every result you record is counted towards your official ranking. On your personal homepage you’ll find your ranking compared to players from your own country as well as other Vavel League players. You are also ranked internationally, allowing you to track your progress against players from around the world.

It’s not long before you feel compelled to keep playing in order to improve your ranking. Who said poker was all about money?