SO LONG 2011, HELLO 2012

Platform IiLooking ahead at the New Year it should be another intriguing 12 months for the International Federation of Poker. While 2011 put the IFP on the map, with events of the IFP World Championship capturing the imagination, 2012 promises even more.

The major development will be the 2012 World Championships, which this year will be open to every poker player around the world, with a seat at The Table coming via live finals and online qualification which will be open to all on the new IFP software.

This leads us nicely on to our next development.

Currently in the final stage before its launch, the new IFP software will look and feel like no other online poker platform, with a unique design not to mention a unique prize, at its heart.

As the final touches are made invitations will soon be made to select players who have expressed an interest in being part of the IFP trials, to take place over the coming months. The software will then be launched later this year.

The next 12 months is also expected to see an expansion of National members, with more federations becoming part of the IFP community, adding their voice to the promotion of poker as a Mind Sport, and securing both Mind Sport status and membership of SportAccord in the process.

This year could mark a turning point for the game in other aspects also.

The New Year may have brought a fuzzy feeling for some, but the news from the United States was enough to clear the head. News emerged of the first rumblings along the corridors of power that suggested there might be a possible change of policy ahead, one that could ultimately lead to the legalisation of online poker, a long sought after breakthrough for players across the Atlantic.

There shouldn’t be a dull moment. Check back on the IFP Blog for more announcements in the coming weeks. At the same time you can register your interest in the work of the IFP on the home page.