The International Federation of Poker was founded in 2009, rapidly increased its membership and obtained observer status with the International Mind Sports Association in 2010, and now is on course to reach new landmarks as 2011 comes to a close.

The past 12 months have been the best yet for the IFP, culminating in November with the first IFP World Championships in London. That started with the Nations Cup, a unique duplicate poker content which was won in emphatic style by Team Germany led by Stephan Kalhamer.It was an event also notable for the participation of Team Zynga, a group of amateurs that would go on to finish in fourth place, defeating numerous professional players along the way. Zynga’s performance was also noteworthy for the ground-breaking announcement that Zynga would be the first digital federation of the IFP, a first for Mind Sports and indeed for sport everywhere.

Following Zynga and the Nations Cup was The Table, the first world championship ever held, which took place at County Hall on the banks of the river Thames. It was in the famous Rotunda of County Hall that Spanish pro Raul Mestre defeated Victoria Coren in a thrilling heads-up clash to become the first official world champion.

That was 2011. Now it’s time to look forward to 2012, which we’ll be doing in the coming weeks. For now we’d like to wish all our supporters a very happy new year.


In the third of this week’s exclusive video clips from the IFP World Championship, Raul Mestre seals the win, and the title, in an all-or-nothing finale against Victoria Coren, the two players concluding what had been a thrilling spectacle.

Either player would have proved worthy world champions but it was Mestre who was ultimately crowned winner…



The second exclusive video from the IFP’s World Championship features the heart breaking hand for Igor Trafane against Victoria Coren.

Trafane would finish in third place but as you’ll see in the clip it was Coren who seemed the more devastated at his departure…


The highlight of the International Federation of Poker’s World Championships in London in November was The Table, nine players competing to become the first official world champion of poker.

At that table were Raul Mestre and Victoria Coren, who would go on to finish first a second. It was a duel not short on drama, with this hand, shown exclusively below, typical of the excitement of the event; a bluff, re-bluff, re-re-bluff that left everyone, not least commentator Jesse May, aghast with awe…


It’s about this time of year when the headquarters of the International Federation of Poker locks its tinselled doors and deals one last hand before departing for some festive fun.

While we put our feet up and look back on an historic year for the IFP, you can watch exclusive footage from The Table, the IFP’s first official World Championship which took place in London in November, starting on Monday with the “bluff, re-bluff, re-re-bluff” hand between the two stand out players from the event, Victoria Coren and Raul Mestre.

Check back on the IFP blog on Monday for that. For now though we’d like to wish all our members, readers and supporters, happy holidays.

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