All In Together - lets make this an event to remember!

We are planning to use a video conferencing platform that will give all six athletes at each table the ability to both see and talk to each other, while the gameplay will be delivered by way of each athlete’s mobile phone.

We are therefore recommending that each participant accesses the video conference link via a computer (laptop/desktop) and actually plays Match Poker via their mobile phones or a tablet.

We will be hosting 12 national teams at the event and full details will be provided to you shortly.

Virtual Team Huddles

In addition to each table being able to communicate with its participants, a separate conference link will be available to team captains/managers to be in contact with their squad during the breaks, as well as with other team captains and IFMP personnel throughout the course of the event.

Practice makes perfect

We will want to cooperate with each nation in preparing for the event, to run some test activity, and to ask each athlete, not only to provide details on themselves, but also to provide some pre-recorded video materials that we would like to use in the build up to the event and its production.

Our athletes will help us show to the world that Match Poker is a sport that can both respond and be positive to the challenges we face.

Video Conferencing

We are working with a major videoconferencing platform (TBA very soon!) and have a TV production company ready to help us produce a high-quality product from the event experience.


We want to involve all team members individually to give us background on how they are coping with the current lockdown, to integrate social media and evidence the importance and bond of the Match Poker family.

But what about collusion?

We are planning on randomising the hand order and also tracking all the hands being played across tables for any suspicious play.

Additionally we will be monitoring the video conferences at all tables for anything suspicious. Recorded video-conferencing for each table ensures the correct players and we will be relying on all teams to participate according to strict Match Poker rules and in the spirit of fair play.

Any player/team found to have colluded in any form may result in their Nation being banned from all Match Poker activity in the future.

Lastly, the video conference will only be between you and your direct table opponents, not with your own team members.

We trust that all teams, like us, desire for Match Poker activity to continue in these unprecedented times and will not be tempted to try to gain any unfair advantage.

As an International Sport Federation it is beholden on us to respond to the difficult circumstances we and other federations face during this global pandemic. While we fully appreciate that what we are proposing in May is far from ideal, for the image of our sport we believe it is important that we proceed with the event with the hope that our member nations would not only be supportive, but also to be honest in their approach.

There is no prize money so the only matter at stake is prestige and I feel it would be well understood (obvious) by our member nations if any nation played in a questionable manner. We will do everything we can to minimise any collusion, we would hope that as all individuals will be playing independently of each other, that they would not be tempted to cheat.