We are living in extraordinary times that require extraordinary responses

We need to host our delayed Nations Cup Final and crown our 2019 World Champion, and have therefore decided to host the event on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st May 2020, not at a central location, but in a manner that all team members can play from the safety and security of their own homes.

But how will it work?

We are planning to use a video conferencing platform that will give all six athletes at each table the ability to both see and talk to each other, while the gameplay either delivered by way of each athlete’s mobile phone or desktop PC.

How it works

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Event Schedule

If all goes to plan, over the course of a weekend we will be playing a total of 450, over 8 sessions.

Saturday 30th May

All times in BST (British Summer Time)

8.30 Online Opening ceremony
9.00 Session 1 (50 hands)
11.00 Session 2 (50 hands)
13.30 Session 3 (50 hands)
15.30 Session 4 (50 hands)

All players must be seated and ready to play 5 minutes before each sessions begins

Sunday May 31st

9.00 Session 5 (50 hands*)
11.00 Session 6 (50 hands*)
13.00 Results Announcement starts, only top 6 teams qualify to play the last 2 final sessions of play
14.00 Final Session 1 (75 hands)
16.30 Final Session 2 (75 hands*)
18.30 Closing Ceremony/Results Announcement starts

* Played in the dark


Our 72 athletes (plus team captains) are made up from the winners of both the European Nations Cup 2019 (which took place in Ukraine) and the Asian Nations Cup 2019 (which took place in Taiwan).

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Unlike most other sports throughout the world we are lucky enough to be able to continue our sports events. It may not be easy and there may be some hiccups along the way, but we're All In Together, and looking forward to whats is shaping up to be a very unique event!

As global travel is somewhat undesirable in the current situation, and should things go well with this temporary event format, we will be performing our other events later this year in a similar fashion.



But what about collusion?

We will do everything we can to minimise any collusion, we would hope that as all individuals will be playing independently of each other, that they would not be tempted to cheat.

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This website will be updated regularly over the coming weeks so watch this space for the latest updates, including player profiles.

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