Team Spain is Coming to Ukraine!

The Spanish national Match Poker team that will participate in the European Nations Cup is as follows:

Cesar Garrido – 41 years old. Involved in many different areas regarding poker. He has worked as a tournament director, written poker articles, occasional TV commentator and along with captain Yossi Obadia, have developed both, a method to play the final eight in a poker tournament in a best-of-3 heads up knockout stages, and also a heads Up tournament with best-of-x format, combining Swiss system and knockout stages, in order to reduce luck and favour skills. Loves mathematics, statistics and fast mental calculus.

Laura Gallardo Ribot – Born in Barcelona on August 12, 1987. Chess player until age 23, when she changed the board and the pieces for the mat and poker chips. This resulted in winning the Ladies Event of the EPT in 2014, a FT in the 2015 Spanish Poker Championship in Barcelona and in the WSOP of Marrakech. She loves to travel, play sports and live life to its fullest.

David Lebron – Born on 01/12/78. Professional beach volleyball player, who changed the sand for business and poker. He likes to play both cash and live tournaments.

Yossi Obadia – Captain of the Spanish team. Financial advisor/gemologist and pilot. At the moment mostly involved in real estate business. He was, together with Juan Manuel Pastor, a Spanish TV commentator for EPT and WSOP tournaments for several years. He also wrote many poker articles and a book on poker from a very personal perspective and lifelong poker career.

Jose Luis Puente (Amavis) – 38 years old, lawyer, politician and a very passionate poker player. He likes to play both cash and tournaments and has been playing frequently for the last 10 years.

Nabil Abdien Cardoso – 28 years old, loves to travel and try out local foods wherever he goes. Loves to combine his passion for poker with travelling as much as he can.

Juan Manuel Pastor – 51 years old, President of the Spanish national federation. He has been involved in the poker industry for the last 20 years in many different areas: consultant, entrepreneur, professional poker player, etc.