Team Korea is ready for their Match Poker debut!

Team Korea, being represented by the newly federation Korean Poker Association, to participate the 2019 Asian Nations Cup in Taoyuan city, Taiwan will be comprised of:

Jung Hyung Sun – Jung Hyung Sun, better known as Sunny Jung, a professional poker player, ranked 3rd in all time money list of South Korea 2019. In 2008 – 2013 he was mostly playing cash games across Asia, that made him very famous. In 2013 he won his first live tournament the Main Event of the ACOP and got his highest cash – $561,228. in 2014 he once again proved that he one of the strongest poker players in Asia. He finished 2nd in the same Main Event of ACOP, that was even bigger than the previous one.

Hong Jinho – Hong Jinho was a famous Starcraft pro gamer in the world, who played under the alias “YellOw” together with “BoxeR”, who was his rival at that time. Even though he started his poker career only a year ago, he has already got great achievements. Actually, when he was a pro gamer, he was famous for always being 2nd, and now he also got many 2nd place finishes in poker tournaments. Just recently, he has become the Runner-up of the APT Main Event. However, he has also won two tournaments the Monster Stack of APPT and The Main Event of the J88PT Shanghai.

Shin Jae Wook – Shin Jae Wook, also known as Justin, started playing in online tournaments in 2010 and it did not take him much time to become a famous online poker player. In 2015, he decided to try himself in offline tournaments as well and he had a great performance. Since that time Justin has won several live events, however his biggest win was in 2019, when he became the Champion of the WPT Vietnam High Roller, that brought him the best live cash  – $82,696. Actually, High Rollers are his favourite types of tournaments. Right now, he is ranked 15th in the all time money list of South Korea.

Kim Jiyoung – Kim Jiyoung is a famous female professional poker player, who started  participating in live tournaments in 2015. Her best result was in 2019 when she won the Ladies Championship of the 50th WSOP with 968 entries and got her biggest cash – $167,308.

Lim Yohwan – Lim Yohwan “BoxeR” is a former professional StarCraft player, known as the Terran Emperor, who transitioned to poker after retiring in 2014. Since 2016, He has shown amazing results in various events. He is already 9th in all time money list of South Korea. In 2019 he got his best result by winning the Championship Event of the APT, that brought him $ 88,040.

Yea Joon Hee – Yea Joon Hee, better known as Steve Yea, is travelling all over the world participating in various tournaments like WSOP, Aussie Millions, APT, EPT, WPT, etc. Even though he won several events, he got the biggest live cash for the 2nd place of No Limit Hold’em, APT 2008 that brought him $250,000.

Lee Gyeong Byeong – Lee Gyeong Byeong, ranked 12th in the all time money list of South Korea, officially started playing poker in 2016 and he had the best start ever. His first cash was for the 1st place of the APT Main Event. In 2017 he participated in the WSOP, and finished 91st in the Main Event with 7,221 entries! And this year, he final tabled in the Main Event of Aussie Millions Poker Championship. His 6th place brought him the highest live cash – $ 222,078.

Sim Jae Kyung – Sim Jae Kyung, also known as “Simba”, is a professional poker player ranked 6th in the all time money list of South Korea. In 2013 he became the Champion of the APPT Cebu Main Event, that brought him $95,487 of live earnings. However, his best cash $103,256 was for the 3rd place in the Main Event of the EPT 2014 with 609 entries.