Team Germany Looking to Reclaim the World Championship, Starts with Kyiv

Team Germany, represented by the Deutscher Poker Sportbund, have a strong squad of players and analysts ready to prove themselves first at the European Championships in Kiev and then at the Nations Cup Final in Peru!

Stephan Kalhamer (Team Captain / Analyst)

Born October 03, 1976. Mathematician Stephan Kalhamer is working as a poker coach, strategy consultant, bestselling author, TV presenter and, since 2009, founder and president of Deutscher Poker Sportbund e.V. In 2011 Stephan was coach of the first ever IFMP Nations Cup Champion Germany.

Lukas Lange (Analyst)

Born February 07, 1981. Project Manager – Lukas plays poker since 2013 and supports poker in Germany in several environments, such as german federation of poker DPSB and poker federation of his home region Nordrhein-Westfalen. Lukas loves to analyse and optimise poker and skills and will support german players to win European Championship in Kiev!

Arash Fazeli (Analyst)

Born January 29, 1982. IT Specialist / electronics technician. Arash plays poker since 2003. He is a poker coach and passionate tournament player. Heads-up is his favourite discipline. He won the Heads Up Live League of the DPSB in 2014 with his team  and became German champion.

Daniel Eylenfeldt (Player)

Born March 06, 1980. Poker coach and former online cash game pro. After Oxford and Dublin it’s already his third participation in the IFMP Nations Cup in a row. He has prepared extensively for Kiev and is ready for the title fight.

Kai Rieche (Player)

Born May 02, 1980 in Berlin. CEO in his own company and plays poker since 2005. Back in the team since his last appearance in Oxford 2017, ready to play. You can find him at the tournament and cash tables.

Stefanie Haffke (Player)

Born January 26, 1986. Civil engineer – With highly trained problem solving skills and a passion for solving puzzles it’s probably no wonder, that she found her way to the poker table. She focusses mainly on poker as a mind game and plays in a German club in Hamburg.

Sven Kautermann (Player)

Born April 18, 1969. He has been playing poker as a recreational player since 2007. In 2015 he founded the team “Baltic Sea Poker Island Usedom”, which reached the quarter-finals in the playoffs of the Heads Up Live League of the DPSB. His greatest success was the 2nd place at the CPT-LA 2017 in Lennestadt.

Niklas Andrews (Player)

Born January 24, 1997. Psychology student. After participating in the Heads Up Live League of the DPSB in 2018 Niklas found his way into Match Poker and was already part of Team Germany in Dublin in the spring. Niklas also plays in a Poker Club in Hamburg.

Timm Albrecht (Player)

Born May 31, 1980. graduated in Business Administration, is a business, life and poker coach. He plays poker since 11 years, mostly online cash games but also MTTs and SnGs. He loves discussions, books, videos and quizzes about poker and wants to travel playing all over the world.

Alexander Kleppe (Player)

Born February 25, 1982. Loves to play all kinds of different poker games since he chose to live in Hamburg ten years ago. Club member of the German Heads-up champions tus Berne Hamburg, plays Heads-up in his own team in the German Championship for 6 consecutive years. His latest passion of playing Match Poker made him take third place in Nations Cup in March with his fellow team members.