Philippines Map SmallThe Philippines is not exactly considered one of live poker’s hotbeds, at least not yet. But an article on the website sets out how poker is becoming more and more popular across the country thanks in many ways to one man’s efforts to establish the Philippines Poker Tour (PPT).

Jojo Allado was a lawyer working at the Department of Justice when he caught the poker bug, starting with play money before undergoing a tough apprenticeship in his local card room where he gradually stopped losing and starting winning, and against tough opposition.

But his love of the game went further than playing. As he described it, he had a brainwave.

His plan was to organize the owners of various card rooms around the country and form the new poker tour. The plan worked. Now the PPT is made up of ten monthly championships, mainly in the capital Manila but also in more and more of the country’s other major cities. The result has been a new and successful tour for poker players across the region, and one that may create a promising future for the game across the Philippines.