Universal Square Circle Esports Technology Limited and IFMP Enter into a Collaboration Agreement

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Universal Square Circle Esports Technology Limited (USCETL) and the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) have entered into a collaboration agreement for IFMP to assist USCETL in their promotion of International Poker as a sport of skill.

The agreement authorises USCETL to use IFMP’s name, brand and image globally to endorse the proposed cooperation with the Hainan government and China Sports Information Centre to secure a license for the operation and promotion of the International Sport of Poker within the Chinese territory.

Subject to USCETL achieving their licence IFMP has agreed to fully support USCETL to promote their global eSports & Poker events (International Esports Premier League & China Esports Poker Chess Tournament), through IFMP’s global network and will help drive participation for their events.

USCETL will support IFMP to promote Match Poker in China and will help IFMP to establish a national Chinese federation and to help establish relationships with regional governments, cities and broadcasters to host future IFMP events in China.

IFMP hosted its first ever Asian Nations Cup in Sanya, China in 2013 and is keen to make China a part of the annual events calendar, bringing national teams from all over the world to compete in this recognised strategic skill-based digital sport.