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Swiss Poker Sport Association

The Swiss Poker Sport Association (SPSA) was founded in order to promote the serious sport of poker without spending money in Switzerland, to spread it and to establish poker as a mental sport in society.

Every poker enthusiast should have the opportunity to pursue their passion and compete with like-minded people in a sporting setting. The idea of ​​community, sporting activity with a social aspect as well as the sporting spirit when playing poker in competition are core elements of the SPSA.

The tasks of the SPSA include the structuring and administration of the poker club landscape, the implementation of national competitions in the form of leagues and championships, the creation and designation of uniform rules and standards for the implementation of poker games and comparison competitions. In addition, the SPSA maintains a nationwide ranking list and nominates the Swiss national Match Poker team, which is sent to international competitions. The formation of poker clubs is supported for the further development of the structure.

The long-term goal of the SPSA is to establish poker as a mental sport on a social and institutional level. A positive change in the image of poker in public will be followed and a podium will be presented for the numerous Swiss poker athletes.

After football, poker is the second most popular sport in the world. Due to the great media interest, a sustained upturn in poker can be expected in the next few years. Membership in the International Federation of Poker, the good relationships with other national and international associations, the ongoing formation of new poker clubs in Switzerland and their recruitment of members ensure the future of the domestic poker sport. This enables the SPSA to address a steadily growing target group and, in cooperation with other intellectual sports associations, to strengthen the position of MindSports in Switzerland.

President – Sascha Kouba

Secretary General – Lukas Grossenbacher

Legal – Alexandre Touihri

West – Tatjana Kraska Horvath

South – Gaspare Leone


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