Macedonian National Poker Championship

Last month finished the Macedonian Online Winter League with 43 participants from all over Macedonia of which

5 were females. After 20 tournaments (3000 chips and 10 minutes blinds) the winner was the biggest

surprise of the season, the young female MAGDALENA TENEVSKA! The secret of her success was the

14 finale tables she made from 20 tournaments! Uncertainty about who is going to win the competition was on until the final few

hands of the last tournament when Magdalena finished 4th and with the new 2.75 points she overtook the leader

of the general standings Slave Jovanovski who was eliminated in 11th place earlier on. The leader of the first part

of the league, before the Orthodox Christmas break, Spas Klenkovski finished second which gave him 3rd place

in the overall standings. Here are the final overall standings:

  1. Magdalena Tenevska     42.12
  2. Slave Jovanovski            40.58
  3. Spase Klenkovski            39.63
  4. Stole Filipovski                37.97
  5. Jovanco Jovanovski       37.36
  6. Daniel Stefanovski          31.93
  7. Zoran Jordanov               31.91
  8. Andrej Jordanoski          25.21
  9. Dimitar Petrov                18.35
  10. Ivan Panev                       18.12

There are secured awards from the sponsors for the top 5 players of the league and the Winner of the winter league, Magdalena Tenevska, will join the LIVE final table on which are waiting following seven players (qualified from the previous Macedonian poker championships):

1. Vojkan Krstevski

2. Martin Jovcevski

3. Aleksandar Jovanovski

4. Kristijan Lekovski

5. Kristijan Zlatevski

6. Goce Bocevski

7. Goce Lusheski

The winner of this live final table will join the Macedonian team for the next Nations Cup Final to be organised by IFP!

The best eight players from the last year’s online competitions for the Macedonian Cup will soon form the LIVE final table to compete for the trophy which will change its owner every year!