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Danish Poker Furbund

Danish Poker Furbund now has for several years had no sponsor, it means that the work we do is voluntary and that our resources are limited.

Danish Poker Federation is politically active and would like to be the voice of both poker players and poker clubs in Denmark.
We believe that we are in a stronger position to negotiate and speak out together.
Denmark has at1-1-2011 and 2012 received rave rules respectively, live poker and online poker.

Denmark is a pioneer country with these rules, nowhere in our neighborhood is tournament poker allowed in the club auspices and nowhere in our neighborhood are online sites legal.
This is great, but when it is said there is also much to be improved. We should help policy-makers, they do not know much about poker.

It should of course be legal to make a living playing poker in Denmark, and there are a number of costs which obviously should be deducted.
clubs still extremely poor and to loosen up the rules, as clubs have shown that they follow the ‘s guidelines.

DPF has during the last years been in dialogue with all parties in parliament, and we have already had some changes through regarding payment method.
was also DPF, after meeting with former Justice Minister Lars Barfoed, got changed the rule on payment time for tournaments , a rule which is vital for the legitimate clubs.

Now the area is moved from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Taxation and DPF continues to press for meetings and amended rules.

DPF has had consultative rights in the publication draft legislative changes and also expect to have it in the future.

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