Match Poker Online Unveils New World Cup Featuring Cash Prizes and Bragging Rights on the Line

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After a successful launch earlier this year, Match Poker Online is ramping up the action even more this winter. The app is bringing the thrill of international competition to the online poker tables with the Match Poker Online World Cup. Eligible players of all levels have the chance to represent their country and play to determine the best Match Poker player in the world.

All eligible players can get in the action by competing on the app. To be eligible, players must have achieved at least one of the following by Nov. 27:

  • reached an IFMP (International Federation of Match Poker) Rating of 1,200 or above
  • be in the top 15% of the Ivory, Sapphire, or Emerald tiers of IFMP Ratings
  • be among the top 15% of eligible players in any Premiership Season
  • won a Weekly Challenge 
  • won a Special Event, such as the May Cup or Battle Weekend

There were 385 eligible players as of Oct. 5, but players can still qualify. Eligible players will be notified via email.

“From the start, we’ve wanted to be much more than an app, we’ve wanted to be a sport – albeit one that is played via an app,” Match Poker Online head of customer relations Jake Colman says. “Being a sport necessarily involves holding championship events, world cups, and other big events to determine the best players in the sport of poker. So this is the first time we are offering the pinnacle of our sport.”

How the World Cup Works

Each competition features Playoffs and Finals exclusive to players of the same Rating Tier. Tournament play features Match Poker Online’s new Triple Battle format, which sees players compete in one battle royale each hour for three consecutive hours. The top 36 players then advance in the Finals. The series comes after months of planning and continuous growth on the app.

“What’s been wonderful to see has been the enthusiasm from our players,” Colman says. “Each of our matches goes for 30-45 minutes, and heaps of players play 20 or so matches each week, which is a wonderful commitment of time and effort. There are some players who have played more than 100 matches a month! Adding even more players at all skill levels gets us closer to our goal of running matches almost instantaneously. Happily, we’re getting closer.”

For most players, the Playoffs are set for Dec. 3-4 with the Finals playing out on Dec. 10-11. U.S. players can compete on Dec. 2-3 with the Finals on Dec. 9-10. The winner of the Ruby division, the top competition, is crowned the overall World Cup champion. And not just bragging rights are on the line. Match Poker Online is awarding cash prizes for top players. In total, players can compete for a share of more than $2,000 and here’s a look at the payouts:

Ranking Category1st Place Prize2nd Place Prize3rd Place Prize

* Amounts in US dollars

How Does Match Poker Online Work?

Match Poker Online truly gauges where a player stands by having competitors play the same hands across the platform. Players can work on their skills by comparing their own play and decisions to others around the world who have played exactly the same hand.

The app is packed with features, statistics, excellent graphics, and exciting gameplay. You can even compare your own play against friends in a fantasy sports-style competition. There’s no longer a need for arguing or debate on which players are better based on conjecture and insufficient data. With Match Poker, all that data is available for players to check out.

When playing, you’re not just competing against the players at your table, but against players seated at other tables in the same seat you are. All players in that seat are dealt the same two “hole” cards and see the same flop, turn, and river. It’s a unique twist on traditional poker.

Even More to Come

Beyond the World Cup, Match Poker Online developers are working to bring players even more in the weeks ahead. More analytics should be coming soon, substantially increasing from two key statistics to 12. Players will see a massive increase in how they can gauge their own play.

“We’re going to start analyzing everything from how often you make it to showdown, win at showdown, three-bet or fold to a three-bet, continuation bet, or move all in,” Colman says. “Each statistic tells the player where they are, and where they should be.”

Also in the works for 2023 are country-specific events. This feature will then expand to allow anyone to create a club and host their own competitions. Players can battle it out with others like they’re playing in a club competition or round-robin tournament. The moves come as Match Poker Online continues to “sportify” poker. The World Cup and these other additional offerings only add to these efforts.

“Even though it’s played in an app, Match Poker is a sport,” Colman says. “We’re working hard to see it become as widespread as basketball, tennis, or chess, with communities in every part of the world, at every level – from suburban leagues to national titles. The World Cup is the most important step forward we’ve ever taken in getting there.”

Player Reactions

After more than nine months in operation, players have been pleased with the game. Here’s a look at what a few players had to say:

  • As a former professional poker player I am super excited by your project, I truly believe that we need to rethink poker and show it as a skill game rather than gambling. – “Cukrapok”, France
  • Let me congratulate you on the best poker app ever developed. – “Fairbank”, USA
  • I want to thank you for a great way to play poker and your game is so fantastic. I no longer play in other places. Great job!    “Stinger”, USA
  • Loving the game, awesome concept.👌🏼I have deleted all other poker apps from my phone. – “Rendog”, Australia
  • You’ve made something truly fun, unique, and innovative and I look forward to what the future brings🙂.  “RedBacon”, Israel

Match Poker Online is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Players can also simply click here to take them right to the download option.  For more details on the Match Poker Online World Cup, click here.

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