Match Poker comes to Israel

The Israeli Poker Union had organized its first-ever legal Match Poker tournament in Israel. The tournament was held in the center of Israel, and 6 teams of 6 players participated in this unique event.

Before the event was carried out, the Israeli Union had send an official letter to the Head of the Israeli Police, stating that the tournament will have no entry fee, and no cash-prizes in the end, which makes the tournament legal according to the Israeli law. The Israeli news-papers quickly posted about the “gamble” of the Israeli Poker Union, little do they know/understand about the difference between gambling & taking well-thought risks.

2 sessions, each combined of 30 Match Poker hands, were played. The Israeli team tried some mixed strategies in the 1st session in order to prepare itself for the Nations Cup Finals, and found itself behind the Women Team in that session, a gap that could not be closed until the end of the competition!

Many Israeli celebrities came to play including comedians, sports reporters and many more. The beer was for free, the environment was very happy & friendly and everybody was extremely excited about this new and promising format of poker.

The tournament was televised and will be broadcasted in the biggest TV channel in Israel, Channel 2 News, alongside with a big story about the Israeli Poker Union and its quest for promoting Poker as a game of skill.

Stas Tishkevich, the head of the Israeli Poker Union seemed very happy during the event, bringing “poker trash talk” to the table, exposing his opponents’ leaks and player types. Stas said that this is only the first tourney, and that there will be many more tournaments to come, among which is Israel’s Woman Championship.

A player from the Stock Exchange Team was quoted saying:

“When I play poker I compete, when I work I gamble on money”.

Hadas Wilf, the female representative of Team Israel said:

“The women team took 1st place because asides from being very good players, we also have a strong & healthy intuition”.

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