17th June 2020 – The IFMP and Singapore Poker Federation have both undertaken detailed reviews of the 2020 Nations Cup World Championships and the decision taken to disqualify Singapore from the final sessions.

The decision was taken mainly due to a technical breach by the team captain’s non-compliance with the event’s Webex rules and regulations.

We appreciate that there were challenges faced in hosting such an event on a video conferencing platform, without the live attendance of tournament officials, and that this caused difficulties for all concerned.

That said, we have agreed on a closure on this incident.

We share the same view that, from the subsequent reviews including the detailed analysis of tournament hand histories, it is inconclusive that Team Singapore had gained an unfair advantage.

Despite the disqualification, we are encouraged by Team Singapore’s display of sportsmanship in acceptance of the decision. We look forward to jointly collaborating on future events, and to continue promoting the sport of Match Poker!