F.I.G.P. and Em@ney

IFP’s Italian member nation, Federazione Italiana Gioco Poker (F.I.G.P), has recently collaborated with Em@ney, an electronic money institution based in Malta.

Em@ney avails itself of a management team with ten-year proven experience in the world of electronic money, emissions of online bank accounts and issuance of rechargeable credit cards.
The Institute started working a few months ago with the Italian Federation of Poker, an important partner in the world of poker, providing their innovative financial products.

Here is an English translation of the interview with Germano Arnò, CEO of Em@ney:

Em@ney is a new reality in the electronic money market. Can you briefly those who don’t know you when your financial institution was born and what your mission is?

Em@ney has been licensed to Electronic Money Institution last April 2013 by Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) according to Em@ney European Directive 2009/110/EC.

Even though recently established, Em@ney has the support of experts who have ten-year know-how in the Electronic Money world and who have decided to invest in the future given the changes in technology and the increasing demand for payment services in “real time”.

Our Mission is to make a substantial contribution to the growth of businesses that need of a solution in the payment processes in terms of solutions range and instantaneity.

When did you decide to marry the “Poker Sportivo 2.0” project? Did you decide to embrace it when you knew FIGP or when you had already assessed other plans related to such niche markets? What was the trigger in the choice of FIGP?

Em@ney based its core business on other markets such as services and tourism and thanks to the encounter with FIGP it had the opportunity to discover how “Poker Sportivo” world needed advanced tools of electronic money, like our Em@ney tools, to be compliant in the labyrinth of Italian financial laws. Certainly challenge mixed with curiosity and the safety in working with a partnership with a well-defined CONI path, have strongly influenced our decision.

In your opinion, Sport Poker and an authoritative Financial Institution as Em@ney can go hand in hand? And what benefits can be drawn from each other?

Considering the current Italian sphere, the two must necessarily go hand in hand. On the one hand Poker SPORTS, and, on the other hand, a Financial Institution that complies with the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism checks that only a banking abstraction institution may make: mutual benefits can be summarized in a synergy that can lead to a complete customer satisfaction in terms of safety, legality and transparency.

The fruitful collaboration between Em@ney and FIGP has gone beyond the initial choice to provide a simple service. What have you proposed to the Federation and on the basis of what this important decision has been made?

During the initial request for prepaid cards, Em@ney noted that its additional security and loyalty tools go well with FIGP world. From study to integration the step was short.

How do you see Em@ney and FIGP in the future? Do you plan to test other European markets?

Em@ney is already working on other European markets with great success. The objective is to widely cover the whole region SEPA with our Em@ney debit card circuit. At the same time, we are pleased to note that FIGP is taking substantial importance that we hope to have in other markets soon. Once you have solidified the relationship in a market, you can safely consider to tackle together new markets.

What do you want to you recommend to FIGP that decided to embark on this important journey with “Poker Sportivo 2.0”?

We always recommend to choose the path of safety and innovation. Customers will be pleased.